If you live in the States and are reading this when it’s published, you may have cookouts to prepare for and fireworks to see, so I’ll make this short.

Don’t laugh. I can be brief.

Tomorrow is our celebration of Independence Day.

Tell me, though, disability or not, how many of you are truly independent?

I’m certainly not. I’d be lost without my husband – and I lived alone for a long time before he came along.

I’m also pretty dependent on Nancy, Chris, and Lynn, along with a handful of other friends for the past decades, for emotional and social support.

My “business besties” are another set of people I rely on for decision making and guidance.

I even depend on my church for not only spiritual reasons, but a sense of community.

When you live with a disability, you’re often given this myth that it’s the end of and be all to be independent.

What does that prove? Your worth? That you have “overcome” (I hate that word) your disability? Heck NO!

Being completely independent is a myth.

Relying on one another, the glorious ebb and flow of mutual support, and realizing the true beauty in life happens when we’re with another, that my friend, is where the REAL GOODS are.

Yes, I’ll be live at 3pm (EST) TODAY to chat about this.

Happy Interdependence Day!



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