Why do I keep writing these posts every week? What’s the intention of it all? What’s the ultimate purpose of Radiant Abilities?

The WHAT to those questions is to create a personal development space, both virtually and in person, that offers resources and support in increasing self-esteem, enhances confidence, and cultivates empowerment in people with disabilities to live more fully.

Yes, it’s taken me a bit to get that mission statement succinct!

Now the HOW…

That’s where you come in.

Living fully, going after dreams, building yourself back up after a fall or blow, facing the critics, doubters, and indifferent time after time, can be very daunting to your self concept. It can be damaging to your soul. It can wear you down and cause you to doubt yourself.


You truly don’t know what’s around the corner.

My biggest personal goals took their sweet time to arrive, but they did..BOOM! They were here. On the verge of turning 39, as all of my friends were in double digits of wedding anniversaries, I met my husband (11 years ago today actually) and our relationship seemed to just fall into place.

Four and a half years later, at the age of 43, I received a phone one morning and in 72 hours my husband and I became parents to an infant boy. Another BOOM!

LIFE IS FULL OF MIRACLES, if you work hard and cultivate them.

That’s the HOW, doing the work to get ready for miracles when they come flying at you.

When you live with a disability, the how of anything can be trickier to achieve. It involves a combination of determination in the face of repeated failure, continually building yourself up to maintain confidence, and using tools and resources available to you.

And that’s where it loops back to Radiant Abilities. I love to create and develop tools and resources for empowerment to Live Fully With Disability. In the coming months, more  cheat sheets, virtual guides, and helpful downloads will be available for you.

Today is the first of them, grab it here, The Power of Change.  This guide will help you gain clarity on the changes you want to make, plan for what you need to do, schedule milestones, and gain support for these changes from people in your life. Download it here.

I’ll be live on Facebook tonight at 8pm (EST) to talk about this and would love to hear from you! Tune in, share your thoughts, or message me on Facebook ahead of time a question or a comment.