A couple years ago, I asked readers to remember your why. The post was inspired by meeting a wonderful athlete with cerebral palsy. You can also meet her right here.

As you hopefully wind down work and school to enjoy some end of the year relaxation with family and friends, may you also have time to reflect and remember your why.

Seems like we need it more than ever, with the cuts to programs and services that symbolizes such a devaluing of people with differences? And I’ll just go ahead and say it, the lack of simple kindness sometimes observed in our world today.

We need to remember why we’re doing what we’re doing and remember why we’re LIVING the lives we are, no matter who you are.

The original remember why post was written from a professional perspective of 25 years of working in the disability field. Reading my why back from a couple years ago, I realized I had to add a little more fire to my professional why:

To encourage people with disabilities to not only reach for dreams, but to also take action and risks, in creating and building the life they want.

Read the original remember why and you’ll see the added fire.

Your turn…if you’re a professional in the “field,” what’s YOUR why these days? Does it have fire to it?

If you’re a family member, why do you do what you do for your loved one?

And most importantly, if you’re living with a disability, what’s THE WHY to your life – or what do you want it to become?? It’s always waiting for you!

I’ll be doing my last Facebook Live Video for the year this Friday, December 15 at 1:30pm (EST) on helping your REMEMBER YOUR WHY.