I’m a firm believer that when you live with disability, the need for risk and challenges is even more vital. Your disability, and perhaps the world, will always tell you what you can’t do. In this short life, there shouldn’t be much time eaten up by “can’ts.” Let’s work on making what’s possible.

This is how I began this series on Four Steps to Take That Metaphoric Firewalk.

Steps to bring about change in your life.

Actions to live more fully the life you want.

Decisions that may seem difficult at first but lead to more joy and fulfillment.

September often brings about a sense of change. For the past four weeks, I’ve been encouraging you to consider taking a metaphoric firewalk in the coming months. Do you want to renew your job search? Learn a new skill or hobby. Meet someone new?

There’s a four step process to figuring out the best firewalk for you right now. To recap:

1. CLARITY: What is it that you ultimately want? What’s the feeling you’re looking to experience? This will be your guiding force to taking any risk or challenge. Always keep this in focus.
2. THE EXPERIENCE: Focus on what you want from the experience? How do you want to grow, gain a new skill, or learn something about yourself? It helps to write or record this so you can keep it in your focus.
3. BRINGING THE FEAR WITH YOU: Do you want the experience of a risk or challenge more than the fears you have about doing it? If not, go back to Step 1 and get more clear about what you want. If yes, or precede to Step 4.

Step 4. . .

BREATHE, TRUST, AND TAKE ACTION: Inhale and exhale deeply as you take those initial steps, trust that you’re doing the right thing FOR YOURSELF and connect with the aliveness you feel.

We so don’t talk about this enough with people with disabilities. Shaking things up, making big life changes, taking risks that may not always work out. But when we don’t even try, we forfeit the richness of how life could be for us.

So why not get the clarity, figure out the experience you want, put fear in the passenger seat, and breathe deeply into trusting yourself. You got this. You’re ready for what’s coming. Make it happen.

As with each of the other steps, here’s a helpful guide to encourage and support you in this exciting new development.

Join me Saturday, September 30 at 11am on Facebook for a live video on implementing the “Breathe and Trust” step.

PS – If you’re missing the September newsletter on Radiant Living with Disability, just click here. I didn’t want to interrupt the Firewalk series.