New Year’s. New you? No, I don’t think so.

I never bought into that starting fresh, beginning again, uh-hum, rhetoric.

Whereever we go, there we are. Growing, sometimes regressing, growing again, succeeding, failing, succeeding more, hurting, healing, and evolving.

Into who you’re meant to be.

And this disability goes on the ride toward living YOUR full life.

Live full out, pursue what you love, embrace your difference, take many risks to be fully alive, and trust that each day, week, month, year you are evolving.

Here’s some tips and guidance from the Radiant Living with Disability blog over the last year to offer you encouragement in your evolution.

How changes, acceptance, risks, and relationships are key to your evolution.

With the quote that changed everything.

Because sometimes rejection is the greatest form of acceptance.

Especially when you can’t be understood.

But when you’re ready to do the hard work of change.

After all, what will you you tell 80 year old self?

About your ride on the water slide of life?

May it involve you not being afraid to fear or fail.

Because you have to hang on to your vision in this unfair world.

For in the darkest days, you need to shine brighter.

And if that doesn’t work, remember the transformative power of love.

Happy New Year and Happy Evolving!

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