Ugh…It’s just so frustrating, isn’t it?!

Are you still sometimes surprised – and very discouraged – by people not getting it? Especially people who you think do? Maybe? Perhaps? A little?

I am. After decades of bumping into this discouragement, inability or unwillingness to raise the bar of evolving the view of disability, and putting it back on me as the disabled person, this level of Dealing With Others continues to catch me off guard.

In a way, I hope this always continues. The surprise and  disappointment, that is.

Really? I want to continue to feel disillusioned by people?

Well, of course not. I want to presume competence of abled bodied people to more fully engage in the understanding (note I did not simply say “to understand” because it is a life long process of understanding) of the complexities of disability culture and the intricacies of life with a disability.

I hope that as a person with a disability, I can always hold this higher bar for the abled bodied community.

Because it’s the hope and belief that all people have the capacity for more evolved thinking about disability that keeps me going, despite having those most discouraging conversations. I believe you know the kind – the people who think they’re good and can’t be challenged to expand their thinking to another level.

So discouraging.

Yet, we can only continue to chip away, keep pushing the envelope of understanding, get angry, sad, disappointed, and never stop speaking up.

Dealing With Others is one of the themes for the Radiant Living with a Disability blog in 2019, along with Confidence, Coping, and Follow Through as they relate to the pursuits of living fully with a disability. Unlike last year’s themes, where each quarter of the year was dedicated to a particular one, this year will be more “popcorn” style with one or more of the themes intertwined in each post.

In many posts this year, there will be a free download for you to help guide and strengthen you with the week’s topic. Today’s download is for supporting your confidence in the face of endlessly holding up that bar of understanding.

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