The skinned knees actually happened first.

Summer is my favorite time of year, always has been. I love the hot weather – even the humidity! What I don’t love is the skinned knees and every summer, they happen.

I fell three times last week, twice in one evening. All times on my knees, as usual. In a way, it’s a good thing. A lifetime of falling on my knees has resulted in pretty tough knees!

All three falls are a great representation of why I typically fall – the first because I was concerned about my son being upset and forgot about the little dip in our driveway; the second because I was more physically tired; and the third, no explanation – went to put the blueberries on the kitchen counter and BOOM, I was down.

At some point, I’ll do a blog on embracing falls because I’ve learned that in all the times my knees have met the ground and no longer feel embarrassed by it.

I want to talk about the skinned knees, along with diving boards and ice cream cones. Trust me, they’re connected!

While I learned to let go of my embarrassment of falling, it took me a bit longer to let go of wanting to hide the bandaged and scabbed knees. I love wearing shorts and dresses that go to the knee. Yet, with usually both knees bandaged, I felt like a kindergartener going to work. How many adults do you see moving around with their knees all taped up?

Yet, I wanted to wear shorts and my summer dresses. Heck, I live in Upstate New York – I have a short window for wearing my favorite clothes. So why was I caring about how my knees looked? Why was I allowing it to determine the clothes I wore?

But aren’t those skinned knees a symbol of Living Fully With Disability, of being out and about and living life? And living life, enjoying it, taking risks, doing what we want, don’t we all sometimes have either an actual or metaphoric fall?

Our bandages, scrapes, and bruises are symbols of not being held back by disability and taking risks.

Which leads me to the diving boards and ice creams cones.

Earlier this summer, I wrote about the “art” of enjoying both, every though you may look very awkward and messy doing so. Over the weekend, I did both and have the video to prove it. Trust me, I don’t show it because I dying to have you see me in a bathing suit. ;)  It’s to show how sometimes it’s the little things that when we can let go of how we look and how we do if differently from most, launches us into Living Fully With Disability, skinned knees and all.

Editor’s note on the video: due to connection problems, we don’t have the clearest shots AND we lost connection just as I did the plunge, but you’ll get the idea.