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Followers of me on Twitter or Facebook have an advantage as I posted this a couple weeks ago.

Before I explain the picture, let me get to the lesson:

A significant step in feeling fully empowered as a person with a disability is embracing that things won’t look perfect, but the experience is.

This was my attempt to make Valentine’s cut-out cookies with my three-year old son, Jaden. They look nothing like the cute little frosted pink hearts they were intended to be.

To be honest, while I love to bake and I bake a lot, I avoid making cut-out cookies at all costs. They’re just so frustrating to make with my fine motor challenges. I struggle so with keeping the shape of the dough and trying to get it out of that darn cookie cutter and we won’t even get into the challenge of spreading frosting – I know, obvious from the photo!

Nonetheless, I wanted to give Jaden the experience in the “fun” of making them. I try hard not to let my physical limitations put constraints on his life experiences, even if it’s just making cookies.

When the cookies came out of the oven in there amorphous form, my husband and I could only laugh and be inspired to share my creation on Facebook. Surprisingly, my share got the most comments and likes than I have had in a while.

Why? Surely, not because it could have been on the cover of Cook’s Illustrated.

Maybe it had something to do with my ability to accept my imperfections and see that the PROCESS and EFFORT have so much more value than something looking good.

I have learned over the years that actually doing whatever it is I want to do (i.e. having the experience), rather than focusing on perfection, allows me to live life more fully.

I hope I’m passing that along to Jaden!



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