What places in your life does your disability hold you back from going to?

I asked you this as we kicked off talking about TAKING RISKS as the theme for the third quarter of the year.. We people feel held back by something, it’s usually a result of what is perceived to be lacking in their life or an obstacle or barrier.

Are there areas in your life in which your disability would fit this bill?

Do you feel having a disability limits your job opportunities? That potential employers see the disability and then that’s all they see?

Is it hard to make social connections because of the endless transportation barriers?

Have you stopped trying new things because you’re tired of always having to explain your disability to others?

Are you not dating at all because you’re so afraid of rejection?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are so not alone.

For many of us, this is the life of living with disabilities. Yes, it’s unfair and hard. It’s the life you have, though, and the good news is it really is in how you approach it.

I do have a simple, yet probably scary, solution for you if you’re feeling held back by your disability.

TAKE A RISK. Go to the places and feelings within you where you feel held back. Look for the tiniest of openings for your strength and your abilities.

What does this look like?

Apply for that job. Focus on what you know you have to offer in the face of ignorance and discrimination. Advocate for an interview.

Ask for help in getting to social events. If you have accessible public transportation in your area, let go of the perceived stigma about the “short bus.” Focus on where you want to go, not the means of getting there.

Stop believing you always have to explain your disability to others. People are generally smart; they’ll eventually catch on.

Focus on what you want from dating and relationships, rather than all the fear that comes up with it. We never succeed by thinking about rejection all the time. Also remember, you’re not for everyone. And don’t worry, the blog’s final theme for 2018 is everything dating and relationships. 🙂

I’ll be live on Facebook tonight at 8pm (EST) to talk about this and would love to hear from you! Tune in, share your thoughts, or message me on Facebook ahead of time a question or a comment.