Changes and changing.


Taking risks.


In 2018 the Radiant Living with Disability blog will be trying something new. Four themes, one for every quarter or season.

Yet all will be deeply intertwined around living fully with disability.  Living the life you want, no matter the challenges, judgments, and/or rejections.

It begins with making changes and allowing yourself to be changed. Letting go of what’s not working and inviting in the new.

But we can’t talk about change without acceptance for indeed there are many aspects of life that cannot be changed, such as the fact that you have a disability and it’s an integral part of your life.

Acceptance of yourself actually allows you to take more risks to create that life you want. If I have learned anything about living with a disability, it’s that taking risks is the best antidote for when you feel held back by it.

And creating the life you want certainly includes developing and fostering relationships that affirm you and brings you joy.

In the coming months, the Radiant Living  with Disability blog will be undergoing some shaping and revising to better serve you through helpful downloads that include strategies, affirmations, and reflections to help you in 2018 find yourself living more the life you want. Many of the posts will correspond with Facebook live video which – at least for January – will be Tuesdays at 8:00pm (EST). Yes, that means TONIGHT, if you’re reading this the day it’s published.

I’d love a little help from you first. You know how I love to get your feedback. Next  week look for a short survey to let me know what would be most helpful and meaningful for you this year.

Happy New Year!