Okay, here’s something you won’t hear everyday…

How’s your evolution going that I talked about last week?

New Year, but not a new you. If that were the case, where the heck did your old self go?

I do have to say, though, January is refreshing. While I love the holidays, friends, family, food, food, food, and most of all, the magic my little boy brings to the season. He has me really wondering about that guy in the red suit and that little elf on the shelf.

AND…I love when it’s over, the routine resumes, and there’s a bit of a pause in the air to catch our breath.

I get energized by the flip of the calendar. the return to work, and the renewal in my commitment to you. Yes, YOU! If you’re reading this, whether or not you’re aware of it, I’m committed to serving you with words, stories, reflections, and other content to help you or a loved one take this life that can often feel hard and discouraging because of a disability and pave a way to personal happiness and success – however that looks. Because my deepest desire for you – to live happily, successfully, and radiantly with a disability.

Life is just too short and sweet to not have the one you want and to have a disability get in the way of that.

Before charging full on ahead with the changes and new material, I’d love to get your thoughts. This survey will take all of five minutes and would be so very helpful to me. Within the survey, you’ll find the 2019 themes for the Radiant Living with Disability blog.

Submit your answer by Wednesday, January 16, 2019 to be in the  running for three randomly selected winners. First one chosen gets to select from the following:

Any Radiant Abilities course, including the dating course or dating workshop.

One free coaching session with Kathy on any topic.

A complimentary copy of Firewalk: Embracing Different Abilities.

Take the survey here. Thank you!

Oh – and Facebook Live Videos return this Friday, January 11 at 11am (ET). 🙂