You meet someone.

You like them. A lot.

Do they feel the same?

Well…yes, they seem to get you.

Your strengths, your quirks, your values, your disability – and how it’s part of you without defining you.

Could this be? Yes, you resoundingly tell yourself because you have a renewed sense of confidence and your self esteem is ROCK SOLID.

But not because of them. Because you met them already feeling this way – happy with yourself, knowing what you offer to people, good boundaries that are clear but loving, knowing your disability is an asset, not a hindrance to love.

Imagine this because it is within your reach. Along with so much more.

Sure, whatever disability you live with, complicates the journey of getting there, but IT’S SO POSSIBLE.

It may take some work, perhaps doing things a little differently, maybe even developing a new mindset around dating and relationships.

Take the time to invest in yourself with the work and making the changes. Your imagination deserves to be fulfilled.

Four Keys to Dating Successfully with a Disability will kickstart the journey for you. The four strategies for approaching dating with the “White Elephant” of disability that often accompanies dating. The four strategies taught will alieve the stress of dating, boost your self esteem and confidence, and dare I say, make dating actually enjoyable! Could that be?!

Join me either tomorrow, November 14 at 2pm (ET) or Thursday, November 15 at 7pm (ET) for this live online workshop. Yes, there is a registration fee for the teaching and all the materials you get with it, but aren’t your dreams worth it? Sign up here.