Ahhh, the approach of January…

Now, living in the Northeast, January can certainly not be fun, weather wise. But I love how rich it is with opportunity for GROWTH, CHANGE, AND POSSIBILITIES.

It’s a clean slate, a blank page, a new canvas for creating MORE OF THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.

If you got caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, like me, January is time to regroup, reflect, and recharge your life by looking at what you want, what you don’t want (equally important), what direction you want to focus on, and who you want to be part of it all.


Take time to think about how these 365 days are an opportunity to bring into your life WHAT YOU WANT and even more important, HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL.

Of course, at the core of what I’m encouraging to reflect on is LIVING FULLY with or without a disability, whatever the case may be. I mean taking your life, no matter the circumstances, hardships, or frustrations, and looking at how you can live it with less regrets, hesitations, and holding yourself back out of fear. Take the fear along for the ride!

When we go for what we want, we live the life we want.

Forget about the resolutions to be on time and lose weight. Let the concept of FULLY LIVING be your resolution and ask yourself daily, Am I fully living the life I want?

To help encourage you, here’s a compilation of some of the best Radiantly Living with Disability blog posts of 2017.

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