A blog on Friday? Not on what’s the life you want to look back on LIVING at 80 years of age like I promised last week?  No Facebook Live Video this week?

No, but take your pick of nearly 70 Live Videos on Living Fully With Disability and Dating, Relationships, and Disability.

No, new blog or video. My sweet Mom needs a little more attention from me these days and I feel such joy when I’m completely present with her. I’m replaying this post from a few years to give you a taste (no pun intended since we’re talking about lemonade)  of the impact of her love on me. Soon I will share the BIGGEST RISK she took with me and how well it PAID OFF! 🙂

So I blame my perpetual optimism on my parents, my mother in particular, who has always had the happiest disposition I know. During my childhood, she was very fond of saying, “Well, honey, when life hands you lemons….” You know the rest.

As a sometimes moody and dramatic teenager, the saying annoyed the heck out me, along with how positive and happy she sounded when she said it.

As an adult, I realize Mom taught me a way of life with this silly quote. The adversity she knew that would come along with Cerebral Palsy was the lemons and Mom was continually trying to empower me to make lemonade out of it.

Her endless cheer and bright side look certainly hard-wired me for how to approach problems, situations, and challenges from a positive angle.

That’s why I felt I HAD TO TAKE THE RISK to grow Radiant Abilities into a personal growth and training platform for people with disabilities and their families, much of what you will see involves tips and guidance for positively living with a disability. I can without a doubt say that my optimism has been the most significant key to living happily and successfully with a disability.

It’s not always easy, that’s for sure. The little, as well as the big things, can be so hard when you have a disability. Things like getting dressed, figuring out transportation, finding affordable housing, and the list never ends. So many things to wear you down. It can be very hard to think positively and it takes constant work to make a conscious choice to be positive.

I’m here to give you tips on that. Sometimes, like today, I’m going to borrow them from other resources and put my “radiantly living with a disability” spin on them.

Below are five of the eleven “Simple Tips for Developing a Positive Attitude” from an article by Remez Sasson on The Power of Positive Attitude Can Change Your Life. Below that is my disability spin on each tip.

Simple Tips for Developing a Positive Attitude:

1. Choose to be happy. Yes, it is a matter of choice. When negative thoughts enter your mind, just refuse to look at them, doing your best to substitute them with happy thoughts.
2. Look at the bright side of life. It’s a matter of choice and repeated attempts.
3. Choose to be optimistic.
4. Find reasons to smile more often. You can find such reasons, if you search for them.
5. Have faith in yourself, and believe that the Universe can help you.

Radiantly Living with Disability Angle: 
1. You’re disability is usually with you for the rest of your life. I had a client who used to say, “You’re a long time dead,” meaning take advantage of being alive in whatever form you have. Make a choice to live in joy.
2. Put your efforts into what you CAN DO and your ABILITIES. I didn’t get the career I have by focusing on the hundreds of jobs I am physically unable to do.
3. When faced with a barrier presented by your disability, asked yourself, how can I work around this barrier? Don’t let it stop you.
4. Be thankful for what you have; don’t focus on what isn’t there; work with what you have.
5. Believe in ALL you’re capable of. When you place your energy here, it’s amazing how opportunities become available.

One more thing, sit back and enjoy the lemonade.



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