I’m going Netflix on you with a free video series on dating.

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All for dating successfully with a disability. Here’s a crash course in breaking through the frustration and hopelessness that can accompany dating with a disability. In this “batch release” of Strategies and Tips for Dating with Disability, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of viewing your disability as a natural part of you, rather than a barrier to dating and relationships
  • Strategies to feel more confident in the dating scene
  • Tips for writing a great profile (even if you’re not doing online dating) to give you confidence and clarity
  • Communication and safety tips once you meet someone to insure successful dating

Breaking Through Barriers

In this first video, you’ll learn strategies to increase your confidence for dating so that you can view your disability as a natural part of who you are, rather than a barrier. You’ll learn how this thinking can increase your confidence to date and help you to actually enjoy dating.

There’s a downloadable guide with this video that helps you look at the barriers to dating with a disability, your support system for pursuing your dating dreams, and how your disability may actually factor into your dating success.

Creating a Great Profile (even if you’re not doing online dating)

Hang on, hang on! Do you know the real purpose behind a profile? CLARITY! Your profile is just as much for you as it is for your potential dates.

Clarity on who you are and what you want through offering tips for writing a great profile of yourself is what the second video offers. Even if you’re not doing online dating, developing a dating profile can give you clarity and confidence, as well as the ability to address your disability with comfort. You’ll also learn strategies for knowing the right people for you.

The downloadable guide sheet, which accompanies this video will guide you in developing a dating profile and increase clarity of what you have to offer and what you’re looking for.

Communication Tips

Learn communication tips for success in dating once you meet someone and techniques to keep yourself safe when you’re meeting someone new is the final video in this series. The guide sheet accompanying this video helps you generate conversation topics and guide you in bringing your disability into your chats.

This video also gives you a good overview of the online course, Dating, Relationships, and Disability: How to Have Confidence and Succeed 💕🙌, the results it will have on your mindset around dating, and all the bonuses you’ll receive with the course. The course is $30 off through Friday, May 31.

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