Coffee Mud Pie.

That was what I was getting. Coffee ice cream (my favorite) with swirls of fudge sauce and chunks of chocolate candy. Is your mouth watering?

I turned to my son and asked what I already knew, “You want just a vanilla cone, right?” And don’t dare put one sprinkle on it. Plain vanilla all the way.

No Offense, Vanilla

My husband and I, both chocolate and pack-in-the-flavor lovers, are floored by the vanilla phenomenon. People who just like plain vanilla. We’re even more surprised that we’re raising one of those persons.

Before I go on and actually do connect this to disability, let me convey my respect for all you vanilla lovers. This is not an anti-vanilla blog. Rock on with your bad self in appreciating the simple creaminess of vanilla.

I have found, though, when you live with a disability, there is no real vanilla in your life, especially if you’re going to take risks and create the life you want.

I’m embarrassed to admit this now, but in my early 20s I actually thought I could be vanilla and blend into the crowd – both in my career and in the dating scene.

Denial makes us so naive.

I began my career wanting to be a journalist (instead I married one) and figured it wouldn’t be an issue how slow I type. Being single, I would go to bars with friends and when I met a guy I found attractive, I wouldn’t move much, hoping he would not notice the CP right away.

God, I feel so foolish and shameful that I used to be that person.

Well, since coming out, I realize there’s no being vanilla when you live with a disability. You will always stand out and that’s a good thing.

Savor The Flavor

The world needs the spice and flavor of who you are and the lessons your unique body brings to this experience we call life.

People are going to look at you and stare anyway. Some will certainly shy away from you. They won’t be able to handle all your flavor. You’ll be too much for them and that’s okay. They’re not your people.

Find the people who savor your flavor. And guess what? The more you do you, the easier it is for them to find you. So go ahead embrace and bring out your inner Coffee Mud Pie or even Rocky Road.

Join me on Facebook tomorrow at 4:00pm (EST) to find out what flavor I’m indulging in this week.

Happy Summer!



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