Onto Step 2!

Step 2?! What Step 2?? If you haven’t been catching the Radiant Living with a Disability blog posts, September is devoted to taking a metaphoric firewalk. Metaphoric firewalk, what the heck is that, you may be saying.

An action, risk, or change you want to make in your life – that will probably scare you and send a tingle down your spine, but will MORE IMPORTANTLY push you further down the path of Living More Fully with Disability. Catch this video if you would like me to explain in person.

September is a month of change – the lazy days of summer are behind us, kids (and many adults) are back in school, and there tends to be a different routine for most people. Why not take advantage and make a change, take action, or take a risk that will push you more in the direction you want to go?

Last week we discussed Step 1 of taking this metaphoric firewalk ~

Gaining clarity on what you ultimately want and the feeling you’re hoping to experience. This should always be in you focus so that it can be your guiding force to taking any risk or challenge.

If you missed it, be should to get the simple download in last week’s post to guide you in gaining clarity in what you want.

Onto Step 2 of making that one change, taking action, or taking that risk which leaves you dancing with fear ~

Focus on what you want from the experience? How do you want to grow, gain a new skill, or learn something about yourself? It helps to write or record this so you can keep it in your focus.

This step gets even more to what’s driving you than Step 1 because it’s about the change you want to see in YOU. When I did my actual firewalk – by the way, you can grab a copy here of my book, Firewalk: Embracing Different Abilities, to get the whole firewalk story and how it changed my life – it wasn’t that I really wanted to walk on a bed of hot coals. I wanted the experience of not letting fear hold me back. I wanted to take the fear with me and do it anyway.

We don’t talk about this enough with people with disabilities – doing something, taking action, taking a risk in the face of fear. As a society, and particularly in the disability service world, we tend to be hyper-focused on protection and safeguards, which certainly has an importance. We don’t want people to be unsafe.

There’s a significant difference in maintaining safety and pushing your own boundaries and limits to reach a new level of growth.

In doing my actual firewalk, a safeguard was put in place for me – my teacher held my hand to steady me as he walked alongside the bed of coals with me. If that hadn’t been the case, I’m unsure that I could had done the firewalk. I cannot imagine how different I would be today if I did not have the experience of learning to physically take action in the face of fear. The firewalk became my motivator for living more the life I wanted to live.

When we focus on how we want an experience to transform us and make changes or take risks from that force that is directing us from within, is when we begin to live more the life we been longing for.

Download this simple guide to help you with Step 2 of taking your metaphoric firewalk in this season of change. And join me live September 16 at 11:00 am (EST) as I delve more into focusing on the experience you want for Living Fully With Disability.