All we ever really need is love. Okay, food, water, air as well!

In this week when we pause (hopefully!) in our busyness and revving up for the holidays to focus on gratitude and thankfulness, how do your relationships factor into that?

While we’ve been talking a lot about dating lately, this week I invite you to reflect on all the relationships in your life especially the ones that have sustained you in the journey on living fully with disability.

The people in your life who really “get” you.

Who see your value.

Who like what you have to offer.

Who see your worth.

Who feel your heart.

Who honor your struggle.

Who celebrate your achievements.

Who see your disability as a natural and vital part of who you are.

And don’t treat you differently as a result.

I hope you have at least one person in your life who travels through life with you like this.

Some examples of what this looks like:

A mother who recognizes her child can excel with other children who don’t have disabilities.

A father that spend countless hours on the back roads teaching his child to control muscles to be able to control driving a car.

Friends who find their own “accessible” short cut back to campus for you after an evening out by walking arm in arm with you, carrying you at points, and laughing with you the whole way.

A spouse who learns and loves the uniqueness of a marriage less traveled on the road of disability.

This year I am grateful for these relationships that have so profoundly impacted my life.

May you take time to think about those in your life that have made in a difference in helping you live fully with a disability.

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