It does not matter if you use a wheelchair, drool, or have muscles spasms.

You have the Power to Attract.

The most influential factor that can either promote or hinder one’s healthy sexuality (reading last week’s post on sexuality may help define this for you) is people’s ability to own their Power to Attract. This power relates directly to your recognition and ability to bring forth your strengths and most endearing qualities.

For example, if you are a good listener, make thoughtful decisions, have a great sense of humor, and soulful eyes, that’s what will draw people to you. The Power to Attract feeds your sense of sexuality and ultimately gives you your power to shine because you are focusing on your strengths and abilities.

Your body, how it functions, looks, what it does and doesn’t do, holds nothing on your Power to Attract because this power comes from within you. There’s very little we can do about the body, except take good care of them and love them as they are.

Sad, but true, there are far too many people in the world who focus on the negative aspects of their bodies and theirselves. When you focus on what you don’t have, on what you are not, and what you think you need to be better, you’re putting all your energy into what is missing.

It’s when you focus on the positive attributes of yourself, that you naturally draw people to you. This is because people see the value you place on yourself and want to be around that energy.

The Power to Attract has never ending potential to grow stronger and stronger, if you allow it to.

With love and positive attitudes, healthy sexuality and relationship blossomed. When you nourish your positive qualities, this is key to accessing a healthy sense of sexuality and the power to attract.

It can be daunting to pull away your focus from the strong pull of negative self-talk and self-defeating beliefs, but it can always be done. Next week I’ll discuss some steps for countering the negative pull.

Remember, your Power to Attract may be dimmed but can never be extinguished.

So, go ahead, take a risk and pick one positive attribute that helps radiate your Power to Attract and share it. Draw more people to you. You’ll see mine down below. To see the comments, just click the comment link below after the tag links.



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