How you doing with that whole Power to Attract thing that I spoke about last week?

If you’re feeling energized, a boost in confidence, and beginning to see people respond differently to you, go, go, go, and keep radiating that power!

If you’re feeling some self-doubt, overwhelm, and inner voices that say, “C’mon, be real,” YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”

Last week, I promised to discuss some steps for countering the negative pull of critical self-talk and self-defeating beliefs. It can be daunting to pull away your focus from the strong pull of negative, but it can always be done.

When you working on fostering your Power to Attract and feel the negativity creeping in, consider these four steps to remind you of your beauty that is always within you:

1. Honor all of you One has to carefully consider the entire body all its unique characteristics – muscle movements, different facial features, size and form, spasms, intellectual difference, and other effects – and begin to teach people to honor them as distinct parts of one’s attractiveness.
2. Release the shame Releasing shame is the most effective way to enhance body image. Talking about the shame someone feels is actually one of the best ways to begin the healing process. Giving a voice to it helps to lessen the weight of shame and free up a person’s energy to focus on their attributes and what they offer to relationships.
3. Know you’re not for everyone This is a very freeing thought! Not everyone is drawn to us and that’s just fine. It does not mean that you’re unattractive. It just means a particular person is not attracted to you. Boy, this was a hard one for me to get in my personal life, but once I did, it turned up my Power to Attract a few notches.
4. Flip the switch An easy way to help people think of your Power to Attract is like a light switch. You walk into a dark room and can’t do much or get very far without flipping the light switch on. The Power to Attract is turning the light on, radiating it to others, and finding the way. Remember, your Power to Attract may be dimmed but can never be extinguished.

Try these steps and I assure you, you’re going to feel the Power to Attract emerging in you. Let it roar!

Hey, check the comments for one of my most powerful affirmations when dealing with someone who’s having a hard time with your disability.



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