What’s the one thing you need to do, but it scares you?

It was Eleanor Roosevelt who famously said, “Do something every day that scares you.”

In the our final look at Three Questions for 2015 – Evolutions not Revolutions, I am encouraging you to take more healthy risks this year. By healthy, I mean nothing that might place you in danger or jeopardy, but something that would definitely move you out of your comfort zone.

We certainly grow when we push ourselves (or are pushed) out of our comfort zones. Being challenged, even to the point of being scared, is a great way to discover new abilities within ourselves. Once we find a new ability, it can spur on new areas of growth that ripple through our life. This promotes change. I’m a firm believer that change is good because it’s an excellent way to feel you’re more fully living life.

If you check out my comment to Three Questions for 2015, you’ll see the scary venture I need to do this year is unveil my Personal and Professional Development Videos.

It scares me (in a good way!) because I am taking my business and skills in a whole new direction. I am transitioning from working with people on an individual basis to sharing skills, strategies, and techniques in successfully living with a disability to a much larger audience. Because of this transition, I’m learning new skills, calculating new risks, and breathing through feelings of fear. This has created a new “edge” in my life, which has rejuvenated me and caused me to feel a deeper sense of living fully.

So what is it for you this year? What’s one item, task, or goal that will scare you and give you that edge? And you know you need to do it because there’s so much to gain (skills, experience, feeling more alive) by doing so.

Don’t be shy – or too busy! Share what it is in the comments below. Check out the comments anyway for my three quick tips on dealing with fear of taking risks.



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