I’ll be honest, it’s hard for me to talk about the darker times.

I instinctively want to focus on self-esteem, confidence, and empowerment. After all, they are the pillars of Radiant Abilities.

Yet ironically, the tears, rage, and pain of the absolute struggle of living with disability can actually bring us to deeper joy and acceptance of ourselves.

Remember Scott Peck’s quote that for me represents the ultimate key to accepting the struggle in life?

Once we know that life is difficult –

once we truly understand and accept it –

then life is no longer difficult.

The times when I have doubted myself and my abilities, my worth, and how the world values me have created the person I am today, as much as success, joy, and peace with myself have. These hardships, painful experiences, rejections, and sorrows have actually helped me live more fully with a disability.

A full life is one which you feel ALL – joy, sorrow, triumph, frustration, success, and failure – and allow it to transform you to your highest self.

For me, I began to live more fully and accept my disability on a deeper level when I began to allow myself to feel the pain of living with a disability. My parents did an amazing job giving me messages that solidified my confidence and determination. Furthermore, they taught me the importance of being real, yet always using the power of optimism, as an effective coping tool. That certainly doesn’t make the pain go away, however.

If you have read Firewalk: Embracing Different Abilities you have read in more detail than I can provide here about my personal heartache and sorrow from living with a difference and having to work through so many barriers. These barriers include the classic of peers not accepting me as a child and young adult, countlessly being rejected – and not even considered in the dating realm, being discriminated against in the work world at disability-focused organizations, being betrayed by my best friend from childhood, and feeling profoundly alone at times.

Feeling it, raging about it, screaming, and crying does help to ease it. This is because, ALL PAIN IS ESSENTIALLY ENERGY. By feeling it and expressing it, you eventually get to the other side of the pain.

Hopefully, on that other side, you see your hopes, dreams, and vision for your life still waiting for you. What changes is the pain and struggle no longer hold you back from them. You may still feel the pain at times, but you take it with you on the journey.

FEEL IT ALL and use it to make the most out of your precious life; it leads to an unshakeable acceptance of yourself.

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