Do you ever have times when you’re working hard on a project or goal and lose sight of why you’re doing it?

I certainly have! I often admit I get tunnel vision. I have a tendency to get over-focused. In writing, developing, and producing a training video, I can get caught up in the thousand minute details that it takes to bring my idea to a finished piece.

In working on say a video on sexuality and relationships, I’ll spend hours writing content, checking for typos, and if the video will upload in the format it’s in. While this focus is needed, I can lose sight of why I am making the video to begin with – to provide resources and guidance in helping other people with disabilities be successful in dating and enjoy fulfilling relationships.

In our pursuit for professional and personal goals, it’s so helpful to step back and remember YOUR why. Last week while on vacation, I had a great opportunity that reminded me of my why.


En route to Virginia Beach, I met a teenager with cerebral palsy who clearly has a great deal of determination. She has participated in 5K runs, is about to attempt a 10K run, and the day before we met, she did a triathlon. She has a specially made bike, which gave me bike envy, to help her participate. To me, that’s brilliant problem solving and that creativity will take her far.

In addition to talking about her athletic feats, we discussed some of the harder issues that come with living with a disability and in a body that’s different. In talking to this spirited young woman, I was reminded of my why: to acknowledge and support people in what is hard about living with a disability while offering encouragement to reach for dreams and get the life you want.

I need to remember my why every day. Here are three strategies I use to remember my why:

1. Stop whatever I am doing for three minutes to consciously breathe, step back and look at the forest through the woods.
2. I literally ask myself why I am doing what I’m doing AND make myself answer the question.
3. As evidenced from last week, get out and meet people. Connecting with others most profoundly connects you with your why.

Your turn now. Take two minutes to comment below or on Facebook on what helps you get connected to your why.



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