“It’s okay, Mom,” my six-year old tried to reassure me as I was kind of softly screaming (if you can imagine that). “The ride will end soon.”

We were on a double tube going down a water slide, in my effort to show my son that Mommy can do a ride or two. He’s always begging me to go on rides and slides with him.

I am so NOT an amusement ride person. My theory is when you live with cerebral palsy, you have enough movement going on with muscle spasms, why engage in more and on purpose?? You can get the full low down on this at Who Needs An Amusement Ride When You Have a Disability?

But, if you follow at all, you know I love to be in water. So, if water is involve in a ride, I may (big may) consider it.

Well, I learned the lesson again…

Do what scares you,

Feel the fear,

And see what’s on the other side of the fear.

By the time, Jaden and I were thrown into the small wading pool, my soft screams had turned into giggles and it was Mommy that said, “Let’s do that again!”

Another lesson in why we can’t allow the fear to stop us and why TAKING RISKS is good for our souls…otherwise, we may not experience the strength in realizing we can do something hard and the pure joy found in doing it!

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