What is it that you ultimately want? What’s the feeling you’re looking to experience? This will be your guiding force to taking any risk or challenge. Always keep this in focus.

This is step one of taking any calculated, healthy risk to challenge yourself or make a significant change in your life. If you didn’t catch the post from last week on taking a metaphoric firewalk, you may want to, as well as watch this video.

Taking advantage of “the other New Year,” we’re beginning a new mini-series on providing step by step guidance on making the changes to feel that you’re living more the living the life you want. Read last week’s post to find out why I refer to these changes as firewalks.

Also be sure to get the free download at the end of this post to help you gain clarity in the risks and challenges you want to take.

As you know by now, I like to also refer to making these changes and taking risks as Living Fully With Disability.

Making changes and taking risks, when you live with a disability is hard. Heck, many times just getting through the day and feeling good is enough.  But that’s exactly why you should make a change or take a risk that sends a shrill down your spine. Life should never be mundane or settled for,  simply because it’s safe.

Life should be lived out loud, so that it’s fulfilling, happy, challenging, and that you’re always growing.

That’s why for the month of September I’ll be taking you through the process of getting clear on what changes you want to make and the risks, even the tiniest one, you want to take.

It all begins with clarity on what you want and what you REALLY want.  We often ask ourselves what do we want,  but how often do we ask, “What do I REALLY want?” This second, deeper question often provides us with the clarity we’re seeking.

This clarity is often force directing us to greater fulfillment and joy.

What we REALLY want also gets us closer to that often vague, intangible longing for the experience we’re looking for.

Here’s an example of what I mean. When I did my actual firewalk, I wanted to do the Firewalk (without getting burned!), but what I REALLY wanted was to not have my fear of doing something physical hold me back again. The experience I was looking for was not overcoming the fear, but learning to breathe into it and take it with me while I learned to take risks.

I created a simple download to help you with this process in gaining clarity on what in your life is the experience you’re looking for to live more fully.

See you next week with guidance for focusing on what want from the experience. You can also join me live on Facebook Saturday,  September 9 at 4pm (EST) for more on gaining clarity for the firewalk you want to take.