Let’s go back in time to talk to your future self. Wait…what???

Yes, you read that right. Let’s go all the way back to July (to me, it feels like a lifetime ago) for this question:

At 80 years of age, what’s the life you want to look back on LIVING?

LIVING would be the key word here.

How are you going to live your life, chase your dreams, take risks, push yourself through fear, and at the end, love your life so your 80 year old self looks back pretty satisfied? And…if you live with a disability, how are you going to take your disability along for the ride, rather than allow it to hold you back?

This exercise into the future is thanks to Stella Young’s letter to her 80 year old self. Stella was a journalist and disability rights activist who sadly did not get to meet herself at 80, but her infamous TED Talk speaks volumes of her legacy.

Decades from now, will you look back and feel profound gratitude for:

Always walking or wheeling into the room with your head held high, despite the stares and whispers?

Going for that job and having the confidence in your skills in the face of unabashed doubt?

Continuing through the years to nurture your self-esteem and worth in the absence of affirmation from the endless media messages and society?

Trying, perhaps failing, trying again, failing again, and never giving up until you’re at the level of interdependence you want to be at?

Taking risks to open your heart again and again, experiencing rejection, opening up again, and teaching yourself and others the lessons of love from people who live with disabilities?

I wish your future self all of the gratitude, pride, and joy that accompany the wild ride of chasing these dreams.

And yes, it’s not easy at all. Radiant Abilities is here to help you through those rough patches with online courses in living with disability, free downloads and guide sheets, and videos to encourage you and inspire you.