Subtitle: For Any Success and Especially in the Dating Scene

  • I’ll be rejected. 
  • I don’t have enough confidence. 
  • I’m concerned about someone accepting my disability.
  • I don’t believe I’m attractive enough.
  • Is it fair of me to burden another with my disability-related issues.

These are the five biggest concerns reported in an open survey by Radiant Abilities on dating hopes and fears of people with disabilities. Families and professionals, go here for your unique survey on the topic.

In my single days, I had each and every one of them. They actually caused me many sleepless nights and this low hum of dread about the future.

Would I ever find someone who truly loved me and saw my disability as part of what made me ME?

Would I ever have the home and family I always dreamt about?

This one in particular squeezed at my heart…would my parents never live to see me find true love and happiness? Would they die worrying about me?

For me, the answers I finally got were happy ones, but I had to stop believing all of the above beliefs to find the success I longed for.

This may sound harsh, but I have to step into the authority of my experience here. You probably need to also STOP believing in one or all of the above, as well as the others in your heart that are keeping you alone at night.

I know, I know…the world may not see you as the attractive, sexual being you are. Are you going to wait for the world to catch up, though? Or show the world what you have? That, my friend, is how we transform and evolve the world – show up, let them learn the world of abilities and possibilities from you.

What To Believe

What would YOU and YOUR LIFE look like if you flipped these beliefs to:

  • I attract the people I am meant to draw into my life.
  • I believe in myself.
  • I accept my disability and attract others who are accepting.
  • I’m attractive.
  • Others have the opportunity to learn from my disability.

How would you change by starting to believe the above? Who would you draw into your life by embodying these beliefs? What dreams would be fulfilled by owning these beliefs?

Support for Your Success

If you’re on the Radiant Abilities email list (sign up here if you’re not and get a free gift) and are looking to stop believing things that keep you stuck and unfulfilled, especially in the dating scene, please grab this special offer. Through May 25 on Dating, Relationships, and Disability: How to Have Confidence and Succeed 💕🙌 is half off! It’s the online course that teaches the four keys to successfully dating with a disability and transforms how you view yourself in the dating scene.

Need a little more info? Check out this video I made just for you.

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