How can you create opportunities for yourself to live more fully in 2015?

Two weeks ago, on the verge of another New Year, I posed three questions to spur your thinking about what you could do (yes, taking actual action) to live your life more fully. Today we’re looking at the first of the three questions to help us tackle whatever barriers may be in the way of this.

What’s one area of my life that I can focus on to help me live more fully?

As I said in my last post, I’m all about evolution and not revolution. Lasting change comes in small batches. So what is just one area in your life that you could look at to identify what’s blocking you from living your life more fully? Money, work, relationships, family, your disability?

Here’s a hint to what may be your target point. What area draws the biggest “Ugh!” from you when you go through the mental checklist? That’s the area that is probably creating the most resistance to living your life more fully. The resistance is actually negative energy that is blocking your more positive, creative energy to problem solve the barriers which keep you living more of the life you want.

The best way to transform this resistance is to identify (name) it, own it, and then work with it.

If you read my comment to the last post, you’ll see I answered for my own life the questions I posed. To this question about living life more fully, I identified working too much was the area I needed to address in 2015.

There, I identified and named it. Now I got to own it. By owning a trait about yourself or a facet in your life, whether it is something you like or not, your accepting it as part of who you are and your life. This then reduces the resistance to it.

In my case, I own the fact that I have always had a tendency to work too hard. This comes from my drive for perfection and that deep need I still have to prove myself. If I recognize and own that within myself, that becomes more truthful than saying, “I have so much work to do.”

This more honest reflection then helps me develop better boundaries on my time and work load so that I feel like I have a better balance between working and living my life (having fun, enjoying time with family and friends).

That’s how the “Identify, Own, Work with it” strategy works. So c’mon, share with me below in the comment area what is one area of your life you can focus on to live more fully in 2015? You’ll see another share from me down there that will help me enjoy life more.



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