Hello April and a transition from Changes and Changing to Acceptance in the Radiant Living with Disability blog.

Do you remember the Four Themes For One Full Life With A Disability that we’re looking at this year?

Changes and Changing.


Taking risks.


We have spent the last three months looking at Changes and Changing, meaning letting go of what’s not working and inviting in the new. Much of this has to do with what and how we believe about ourselves.

The barriers we believe about our disability can sometimes be so much stronger than the actual ones. Change and Changing can be very helpful in breaking through to the life you want.

While we’re bringing Changes and Changing with us into spring and beyond, it’s time to also talk about Acceptance.

Acceptance of your disability? Yes, of course, because in most cases, it’s with you for the long haul.

Yet…there’s a level of Acceptance we don’t talk about enough with disabilities….comfort with yourself, as you are, with your body’s unique aspects.

How comfortable are you in your own body? Is your body, as it lives and breathes disability and difference, your friend??

It truly took me a few decades to get to the comfort I now have with involuntary movements, drooling, falling, and all the facets that living with a body affected by disability brings. It doesn’t need to take you as long as it took me. And if you’re already there, congrats and tell us on Facebook how you did it.

If you need some support and guidance in the Acceptance area, I welcome you on this next journey of seeing how accepting oneself, disability and all, leads to fully living life with one.

I’ll be live on Facebook tonight at 8pm (EST) to talk about this and have it be an interactive discussion. Tune in, share your thoughts, or message me on Facebook ahead of time.