I was running around the house, doing this and that, getting ready for work. I had “morning duty” with our son. Normally, my husband has the daily task of getting our kindergartener ready for the day while I work early in the morning to be the pick up person for him at the end of the day. This particular day, my husband had to be at work before the sun was up.

I was trying to send off a quick email before I put my make up on. Jaden was ravaging through my office supplies to create his next artwork.

Out of nowhere, as these kinds of questions tend to come from, he asks,

“When will I have a disability?”

“Ahh…ummm…” Okay, I think, I have to answer this as a mother, despite the philosophical conflict I’m having. Deep breath. “Well, hopefully never, hon.”

Jaden is clearly disappointed.

“Aww, but I love disabilities.”

OMG! I  have done something right!

Somehow my own child, who is just awakening to mom’s differences, has learned that disability is a positive thing and can be equated with a happy life.

In this season of changes and changing, what would it mean to you love your disability, or at least begin to see a “cool factor” in it? Think about that for a minute and notice how this shift in thought changes how you feel, either about yourself or a loved one with a disability.

Sometimes the best food for thought comes from six year olds! :)

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