Always one to innovate and see the possibility of growth and claiming the life you want, let me ask you something.

Would a coach help you break through some of the frustrations and challenges you have to LIVING the life you want?

Coach? Someone that will yell in my face and make you do push ups? That’d be helpful, huh? 😉

How about someone who recognizes you’re whole and brilliant and supports you in drawing that out to achieve the life you want?

Many of you have probably heard of the term life coach.

Life coaches see clients as whole, with nothing wrong, broken, missing, or in need of repair. [Life coaches] also believe that only clients have the answers to their concerns. Therefore, [life coaches] encourage clients to examine what they really want and some possible ways they might start moving forward to achieve it.

 -Patrick Williams and Deborah C. Davis, Therapist as a Life Coach

In this season of looking at dating, relationships, and disability and finding success in all three, would a coach help you make your goals and dreams a reality?

I’m very excited to announce I am providing an one to one service again. This time in the form of coaching, specifically, for Dating and Relationships. However, I am also happy to provide coaching for other disability related issues.

So how does coaching work?

You work one to one with me in a package of five 45 minute phone calls to brainstorm and strategize through the issues and struggles you’re facing on the way to dating and relationship success. This is very personal and individual work that will address your unique needs and desires. For example, say you’re having trouble meeting people. The calls would then focus on your strategies, approaches, and communication styles regarding how you go about meeting people you want to date.

Calls will include processing and problem-solving, as well as following up on homework – or investment work – in between biweekly calls. Investment work may include downloadable worksheets, watching videos, reflective exercises, listening to podcasts, and usually TAKING ACTION in your life. Investment work must be completed before the next coaching call. An individualized plan for your success will be developed over the course of the calls.  A package of five calls must be committed to.

And you know that EVERYTHING is on sale right now on the Radiant Abilities site? This includes Dating and Relationship Coaching. For a limited time, you’ll get five sessions for the price of four.

Success with a disability is totally within your reach. But here’s the thing, most of the time, it requires work and investment in yourself. Invest a little, the ROI (return on investment) will be so worth it. 🙂