Living Fully with a Disability


About Radiant Abilities


Radiant Abilities is devoted to increased self-esteem, confidence, and empowerment for people in dating, relationships, and sexuality. We work with all people in supporting successful dating and healthy relationships and have a specialty in helping people with disabilities in this area.

Helping People to Date

Our team is led by mental health counselors. While we provide mental health counseling, we offer so much more. We believe that while dating and relationships can be hard, it is made easier with training and ongoing support. In order to successfully date and meet the right people, it takes a lot of interpersonal skills, good self-esteem and confidence. As mental health counselors, we are trained in this area and use our knowledge and expertise to help others develop dating and relationships skills.

That’s why we offer the Dating Made Easier monthly membership for people wanting to date and have healthy relationships. Every month members receive a new training, brainstorming session to address challenges, resources, and an opportunity to network.

Dating Made Easier Membership

Helping Professionals

We work with professionals in the disability service field. Whether you are a direct service provider, a program coordinator, a case manager, or even a director of training, we help you teach dating and relationship skills to the people you work with.

Upon joining the Supporting Dating and Relationships membership, you’ll receive instant access to a curriculum that breaks down how to teach dating and relationship skills to students and people with disabilities. Each month professionals receive a new training, brainstorming and networking session, a monthly resource, and a deep dive training from the Supporting Dating and Relationships curriculum.

We also offer training, workshops, and keynotes. Please check out our speaking page for details.

Supporting Dating and Relationships Membership