Radiant Abilities is about helping people with disabilities live the life of their dreams! Really! That’s what we’re passionate about.

This is how we look at disability – in most cases, it is with you for a very long time, if not for life, so why not still live the life YOU want?!

If you dream of furthering your education, working, having a career, traveling, having more friends, dating, getting married, having a family of your own, or making more money, we believe a disability should not stand in the way of making these dreams possible – for you, a loved one, or someone you work with.

Sure, there are many, many barriers along the way to this. That’s where Radiant Abilities can help.

Helping People with Disabilities

For people with disabilities, you will find personal development videos to help you in the areas of self-esteem, relationships, personal empowerment, living more the life you want. All videos are designed to help you embrace a disability as beautiful part of oneself, have the confidence to go out in life to take risks and pursue dreams, fully claim your power, and to stop letting others define you.

Be on the lookout for future resources on our resources page such as ebooks, resource guides, and online courses in the areas of building self-esteem, dating/relationships, money, pursuing a career, and taking risks.



Helping Families

Radiant Abilities is committed to serving families in helping their loved ones with a disability to lead the life they want and providing you the support you need.

If you’re a family member of someone with a disability, there are personal development videos to feel more empowered in your important role of supporting your loved one to lead a full life. Coming soon in the Resources section will be ebooks, guide sheets and other resources geared to helping you, as a family member of someone with a disability, in not only empowering your loved one, but yourself as well.

Families will find videos and resources on topics such as empowering your child, self-care, healthy risk taking, and increasing independence. Please check out the Family Section at Videos and Resources for support and guidance for family members.



Helping Professionals

Professionals in the disability field will also find training videos and other resources in new approaches and strategies to support people live more fully and happily with a disability.

The products and resources for professionals have been designed with the experience of 25 years of working within the disability service system. We understand that professionals really do want to make a difference in people’s lives and are often frustrated by ongoing issues, unchanging beliefs, and bureaucracy.

You also don’t always have a lot of time or sometimes the budget to attend full day conferences, away from home.

We bring the training right to you with our professional development video series that focuses on such topics as sexuality/dating/relationships, empowering people’s beliefs, healthy risk taking, and working with families. Every video comes with a downloadable “Take Action” sheet that will help you implement learning into practice. These documents can be often submitted for continuing education or training credits.

Please check out the Professional Section at Videos and Resources for trainings, tips, and strategies.



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The Radiant Living Blog

Every week Radiant Abilities publishes a new blog post on how to live radiantly with a disability.

What does that mean? The blog is about offering encouragement, perspectives, strategies, and tips in living the life you want and breaking through the barriers a disability presents, or helping others to do so.

Most common categories of posts include:
Believe in Yourself
Confidence Builders
Dating Resources
Healthy Sexuality
LIVE your life

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Embrace who you are and live the life you want!