Do You Want to Experience THIS More Than You Want the Fear?

confidence builders coping with a disability taking risks transforming your life Oct 13, 2021
Fire with text: Do you want to experience this (fill in the blank) more than you want the fear?

Even if it means you may fail? Sometimes having the experience over fear is worth it.

If you say a resounding yes, you’re ready for your metaphoric firewalk.

Especially when you’re considering taking action, making changes, and even taking risks to live more the life you want to live.

These changes you have maybe been toying with, tossing around in your head, or they have even been sort of haunting you.

Change Equals Experience Over Fear

You know what I mean. There’s something in your life that you have been afraid, for whatever reason, to change or allow into your life. Yet, you know if you did the hard work to make this change, you would be so much closer to leading the life you want.

It could be any number of things you want – a better-paying job, a relationship, trying a new hobby, or meeting people socially. It’s not about making a change to your daily routine or say, trying Thai Curry for the first time. I’m talking about a change, risk, or action that sends a sensation down your spine because you know if you do this, your life begins to transform.

Do you want the experience of a risk or challenge more than the fears you have about doing it?

Your answer is straightforward yes or no to the question. If your answer is “I don’t know,” well sorry, that’s actually a no in disguise.

For me, when I did an actual firewalk, it wasn’t that I was longing to walk on 1500-degree coals, but the experience excavated the awareness in me of wanting to try physical tasks, rather than have fear just write them off my list.

What do you want more in your life that you’re willing to have fear be your passenger for the ride, but not the driver?

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