I’m Just So Uncomfortable

Season #1 Episode #1

Learn about the awkward, uncomfortable date that changed me and my life. It set me on the path of developing the Dating, Relationship, and Disability framework.

Dating, Relationships, and Disability offers strategies, encouragement, and mindset tips on dating with a disability. Episodes feature guidance and practical advice on how to navigate sexual ableism, focus on your power to attract, and develop happy and healthy relationships.

The basic principles of Dating, Relationships, and Disability are:

  • People with disabilities (PWD) make great dating and relationship partners.
  • If you have the desire to date and be in a relationship, it’s there for a reason. Listen to it.
  • Dating and relationships with a disability can certainly be a challenge, but totally possible.
  • Self esteem and confidence are so influential in dating and relationship success. 

This is a journey. It's not about just “getting” a partner, but really owning who you as PWD, recognizing your own worth (even when others don’t). It’s also about changing how society views us as potential partners.

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Never heard of sexual ableism? Join me next week to learn how to recognize it and rise above it.


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