111 - Beliefs to Challenge for Dating Success

I have done several podcasts about the power of beliefs when it comes to dating. Actually when I think about the work I do in dating and relationships, it’s really all about mindset. Transforming my own beliefs from someone who people would reject in the dating scene to someone who knew the value of what I could offer to a relationship was the key for me in finding lasting love. I often think if I had been able to change my beliefs earlier, I would have saved myself years from self afflicted pain.

That’s why I despite how much pressure I get to offer a matchmaking service, I stay true to what I know is the more life changing effect I can offer people - to change your beliefs to create more of the life you want.

Today, I’m doing something a little different with your beliefs. I’m asking you to really get honest and look at what beliefs is that beautiful brain of yours using for excuses to not pursue dating. Now you may bristle at the word excuses, but at the end of the day, in order to succeed, we have to look at what we’re holding up as the reason we can’t accomplish what we desperately want for ourselves.

I’m going to go through the most commonly held beliefs that keep people from dating. As I do, I ask that you just be honest with yourself about whether it’s something you use as a reason to not pursue dating more. Then ask yourself, “Is this really helping me to create the life I want for myself?”

Fear of rejection: Many people fear being rejected by potential partners, which can lead to feelings of embarrassment, inadequacy, or emotional pain. This fear can be a significant barrier to dating.

Low self-esteem: Individuals with low self-esteem may not feel confident or worthy of dating. They may believe that they are not attractive or interesting enough to find a partner.

Past traumas: Previous negative dating experiences or past abusive relationships can create lasting emotional scars that make people hesitant to enter the dating scene again.

Commitment issues: Some individuals fear the responsibilities and commitments that come with dating, such as exclusivity, emotional investment, or long-term commitment. This fear can prevent them from pursuing relationships.

Career or personal goals: Some people prioritize their careers, education, or personal development over dating. They may believe that romantic relationships could be distracting or interfere with their goals.

Fear of vulnerability: Opening up emotionally and being vulnerable in a relationship can be intimidating for some individuals. They may worry about getting hurt or rejected when they share their feelings and thoughts.

Social anxiety: Social anxiety or shyness can make it challenging to meet and interact with potential partners. People with social anxiety may avoid dating situations due to the fear of social interactions.

Negative body image: Concerns about physical appearance can be a significant barrier to dating. People who feel uncomfortable with their bodies may believe that others won't find them attractive.

Trust issues: Past betrayals or experiences of deceit can lead to a lack of trust in potential partners. Some individuals may have difficulty trusting others, which can hinder their ability to date.

Fear of change: The prospect of entering a relationship and experiencing change in one's life can be unsettling for some individuals. They may prefer the comfort of their current lifestyle and resist dating for fear of disruptions.

Lack of time: Busy schedules and demanding work or personal commitments can leave little time for dating. Some people believe they don't have the time to invest in a relationship. Where Do We Go From Here?


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