122 - The Big Three

When I was younger, I wasn’t very interested in research, mainly doing research. It’s the main reason why I never pursued getting a PhD even though I was encouraged by my professors to do so. However as I have gotten further and further along in my career and especially in my work with dating, relationships and disability, I really see the value of it as a means of figuring out solutions to problems.

So two years ago when I was asked by funders to do some research about what people with disabilities were actually experiencing in dating, I rolled up my sleeves and decided to figure out how to do research.

In late 2022 my colleague and I interviewed 78 people with disabilities about dating and relationships. The biggest demographic we spoke to were women with physical disabilities in the age range of 25-44, just to give you some perspective. I think their concerns are pretty reflective of many people with disabilities.

Episode on Resilience

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