128 - Why “I Don’t Know” Will Keep You Lonely

Dating can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for individuals with disabilities, yet it often comes with unique challenges and apprehensions. These challenges can be so overwhelming at times that you can get stuck in “I don’t know what to do.”

Today with all the choices in dating platforms and more and more people using them, I get why you would feel like “I just don’t know what to do.” But “I don’t knows” can easily lead to no action, no follow through and the risk of giving up. We don’t really get taught or supported around how to counter the “I don’t knows” in a proactive way, especially when it comes to dating and relationships.

Until now.

If you have listened to me for any amount of time, you can probably say this with me now, everything related to dating and relationships can be figured out. But they can’t be figured out when we stay in “I don’t know.”

This is why I created the Dating Made Easier membership - so that dating can be figured out for you. Yes, I’m talking right to you. You just got to willing to try something versus nothing. Some things may not work and that is okay. Look, I tried for 20 years before dating really worked for me. That is indeed a lonnnng time, but what was key is I never gave up and then it eventually came all together.

I’m speaking to you right now because I would have given my life’s savings for this advice when I was feeling I didn’t know how to date or meet the right people. So here’s what you need to get out of “I don’t know.” One question and many different tools. The question you want to ask yourself is if you did know, what would you do? This is such an important question to ask because we usually have some inner wisdom within us that knows what to do or at least try. Trust that part of yourself. It knows.

Then the tools, which partly this podcast is all about, offering you tools to figure out the dating puzzle. For the sake of example, I’m going to use what has been our theme in recent episodes - how to meet people. A common concern is the difficulty in meeting potential partners. However, with the right approach and support, individuals with disabilities can navigate the dating world confidently and successfully. We often just need guidance, information and resources to break down the bigger problem.

And this is vital, you got to be willing to put the time and effort into figuring out how to make such tools work for you. For example, the new "How to Meet New People" guide offers valuable insights into various ways of initiating connections tailored to individual preferences and comfort levels. This resource not only empowers individuals to explore familiar avenues but also encourages them to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new opportunities for social interaction.

One of the key aspects of getting out there to meet new people is fostering a sense of confidence and self-assurance. By providing guidance on how to initiate conversations and forge connections in a manner that aligns with their personality and preferences, "How to Meet New People" empowers individuals to approach dating with a positive mindset. This resource emphasizes authenticity and encourages individuals to embrace their uniqueness, recognizing it as a strength rather than a limitation For many individuals with disabilities, time constraints can present a significant barrier to engaging in the dating scene.

The concept of "Power Hours" addresses this challenge by emphasizing efficiency and effectiveness in utilizing limited time. Through structured sessions lasting just one to two hours per week, participants can acquire essential skills and receive invaluable support to enhance their dating journey. These dedicated sessions offer a manageable and focused approach, allowing individuals to make meaningful progress while accommodating their busy schedules. Moreover, "Power Hours" serve as a dedicated space where individuals can receive personalized support and guidance from experts and peers alike.

These sessions offer a platform for sharing experiences, seeking advice, and building camaraderie with others facing similar challenges. Through collaborative learning and mutual encouragement, participants can overcome obstacles and gain the confidence to navigate the dating landscape with resilience and optimism. “Power Hours" offer a structured framework for individuals to develop essential social and communication skills that are integral to building healthy and fulfilling relationships.

From active listening to effective communication and conflict resolution, these sessions provide valuable insights and practical techniques to navigate the complexities of interpersonal dynamics with confidence and grace In addition to practical strategies, fostering a supportive and inclusive community is essential for individuals with disabilities embarking on their dating journey.

By participating in group activities, workshops, and meetings in Dating Made Easier members can expand their social networks and cultivate meaningful connections in a welcoming environment. These communal experiences not only provide opportunities for socializing but also foster a sense of belonging and mutual support. Furthermore, embracing a growth mindset is crucial for individuals with disabilities as they navigate the complexities of dating.

Dating Made Easier encourages individuals to approach challenges as opportunities for learning and growth. By reframing setbacks as valuable lessons and celebrating successes along the way, individuals can cultivate resilience and perseverance in their pursuit of meaningful relationships.

The work we’re doing in Dating Made Easier not only gives tools and guidance, but also advocates for creating environments that are accommodating and respectful of diverse needs and abilities. By raising awareness and advocating for inclusive practices, we can help cultivate a dating culture that celebrates diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all.

Empowering individuals with disabilities to engage in dating requires a multifaceted approach that addresses their unique challenges and concerns. "How to Meet People" and "Power Hours" offer valuable resources and support systems to guide individuals on their dating journey, from overcoming barriers to building confidence and fostering meaningful connections.

By embracing opportunities for growth, fostering a supportive community, and advocating for inclusivity, individuals with disabilities can navigate the dating world with resilience, optimism, and a sense of empowerment.

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