138 - Beliefs for Dating Success

Believing that you are worthy of finding love and happiness begins with the realization that your current thoughts and beliefs are simply reflections of what you have accepted as true in the past. If you want to change these beliefs, you must first acknowledge that they exist and then make a conscious decision to change your mind about them. This process starts with recognizing the beliefs you've accepted and choosing to un-accept them.

Many of us operate in a default mode of thinking, continuously replaying programmed and practiced beliefs. These automatic thoughts often shape our perceptions of ourselves and our worthiness. To create a different future, especially one filled with love and happiness, you must create new beliefs that don’t exist in your past. This means that your current thoughts, rooted in past experiences, are not useful in building a new reality.

Believing is about deciding and accepting something as true. This doesn't mean that it is inherently true; it just means you have chosen to believe it is true. Understanding this distinction is crucial. If you want to disbelieve something, you must first recognize that you've accepted it as true and then decide to change your mind. This involves a deliberate process of un-accepting the old belief and choosing a new one.

The concept of truth is not an external entity but rather a decision we make internally. You have the power to choose which truths to believe and which to disbelieve. This means you need to be deliberate about the beliefs you hold. By actively deciding what you want to believe, you can focus on building new, positive beliefs about your worthiness and potential for finding love.

A belief is merely a thought you keep thinking. It becomes ingrained through repetition and acceptance. To cultivate a new belief in your worthiness, you need to practice thinking this new thought over and over again. It’s through this repetition that the new belief will eventually become familiar and accepted without question.

When you want to adopt a new belief, such as your worthiness of love and happiness, you must be intentional about learning and practicing it. This involves consistently thinking the new thought, embracing it as true, and reinforcing it until it becomes a natural part of your mindset. This deliberate practice is essential for transforming your self-perception.

It's important to understand that your current beliefs are not set in stone. They are simply thoughts that have become familiar through repetition. By recognizing this, you can take control and consciously choose to adopt new beliefs that support your desire for love and happiness. This shift requires effort and persistence but is entirely within your power.

In summary, building a belief in your worthiness of love and happiness involves recognizing and changing your current thought patterns. By deliberately choosing and practicing new, positive thoughts, you can transform your self-perception and create a future filled with the love and happiness you desire. This process is about making intentional decisions, practicing new beliefs, and embracing the power you have to shape your reality.

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