Five Beliefs to Increase Your Dating Confidence

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Words: Five Beliefs to increase your dating confidence: Your only limit is your mind

Dating confidence comes down to what you believe about yourself and your potential as a partner. As with most things in life, it’s about your mindset.

No one can tell you what to believe. That’s up to you. There are five types of beliefs that will help you feel more positive and successful with dating.

Types of Beliefs to Increase Dating Confidence

Here they are with a brief description of why they’re important and an example of how to take a negative thought within each belief and transform it into a positive one.

What You Believe About Yourself

Whatever you think about yourself, whether positive or negative, gives off energy for how others think of you.

Example: Hopeless, frustrated, devalued becomes a knowing of your worth and what you have to offer.

What You Believe About Your Disability

Much like how you feel about yourself, how you view your disability is usually how others will view it as well.

Example: A barrier becomes a natural part of who you are and what you offer to relationships.

Your Power To Attract

The ability to believe that others want to be around you and knowing why (i.e. your positive qualities) they want to is key.

Example: “Why would someone date me?” becomes “People want to be with me because…”

What Kind Of Relationship You Deserve

This is about focusing your thinking on what you want in a relationship and believing you can bring it into your life.

Example: Overwhelming longing becomes clarity on who you want to be with.

What Kind Of Partner You Want

Believing that you can attract a person who truly fulfills you and makes you happy, rather than just getting someone to pay attention to you.

Example: “I’m happy to date whoever comes along,” becomes “I want to be with a person with these qualities…”

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